Leasing (incl Financial Lease & Operating Lease)


1) Concept

Sales Finance is a particular kind of capital investment: Societe Generale Equipment Finance purchases the equipment you wish to sell and allows your customer to use it in exchange for a monthly fee. Our solutions span the entire range of varieties available in the market in terms of Operating Lease and Financial Lease, Loan or Hire Purchase. Furthermore we are able to prepare individual full service leasing solutions in such a way that the monthly lease instalment covers not only the use of the equipment but can also include additional services such as repairs and servicing which is usually offered by SGEF together with you as our partner and specialist from the industries.


2) Benefits

  • boost your sales
  • no default risk, because SGEF pays immediately
  • information on the level of capital investment your customers need to make to replace equipment
  • additional revenue when re-marketing equipment and a better knowledge of second-hand markets
  • Europe-wide solutions guarantee the same quality in every country
  • longer-term customer relationships