Cession bail

1) Concept

Your customers expect short lead times and sometimes even to see the equipment before buying it. You therefore need to hold appropriate levels of inventory which, in turn, ties up a lot of liquidity and incurs financing costs.

Our customized inventory finance can help you to optimize the financing of your sales inventories. We conclude a framework financing agreement with you, which then enables you to draw down individual loans at any time in order to finance individual items of inventory. The term of the individual loans is geared towards the usual inventory period and can be anything up to 12 months. The interest rate is fixed until further notice.

We take great care to ensure that you remain in control of your inventory finance programme which is why we send you daily statements, monthly inventory lists and regular updates of repayment dates for individual loans.

We can support you by offering a non-captive inventory finance of commercial vehicles, buses, agricultural and construction equipment, machine tools and other valuable items of equipment.

2) Structure

With our experience of the different markets and equipments, we can provide tailor-made financing to meet dealer’s needs and propose a thorough product and industry knowledge, as well as high performance levels of services.

3) Benefits

  • Increased sales through the availability of demonstration equipment and fewer stock-outs.
  • Simple, efficient processing through the use of state of the art technology.
  • Financing for all makes and product types - regardless of manufacturer.
  • Preserving the credit line with your house bank.
  • Cooperation agreement in place with Societe Generale Equipment Finance