Greyce Semaan

Semaan, GreyceFinancial Services

“SGEF offers excellent services, has great expertise in the market, counts on a wide range of financial products.”

The partnership between Terex and SGEF has been a success for many and many years. SGEF has been supporting us in all of our business lines. SGEF offers excellent services, has great expertise in the market, counts on a wide range of financial products, acts with flexibility and helps us to develop structured deals.

Christian Scheck


“Since 1986 we have been collaborating with Societe Generale Equipment Finance in Germany”

Since 1986 we have been collaborating with Societe Generale Equipment Finance in Germany. They are always close to the customer and they understand the clients

Cosima Spaltenberger

Managing Director

“For us SGEF Germany is the perfect alternative to a house bank”

For us SGEF Germany is the perfect alternative to a house bank for two main reasons: The financed assets serve as collateral and the SGEF inventory finance offer is a mature product that is growing along with our company. And all is fast and easy.

Andreas Peters

Director of Finance & Admin

“SGEF China team is very proficient at risk management meanwhile it also keeps flexible at serving customers.”

SGEF has been TRUMPF’s leasing partner on the corporate level for many years. In 2008, we expanded the cooperation onto the Chinese market. Being a market leader for machine tools for sheet metal processing and laser applications, TRUMPF also makes and sells machines in China. We have been quite successful in selling directly to Chinese customers, and when customers need financing for their purchase we will recommend SGEF. Until the end of June 2014, SGEF financed more than 500 sets of TRUMPF machines in this market, and the cooperation is expected to further expand.

The team of SGEF China is very proficient at risk management; at the same time they also keep flexible at servicing customers. In 2013, we convinced a customer in Yangzhou, Jiangsu province, who decided to purchase one TRUMPF laser cutting machine. This customer paid 30% of the total machine price down in cash, and promised to pay the other 70% before machine delivery. The customer’s credit line at his local bank was sufficient. However, the tighter monetary policy presented some obstacle when he tried to turn credit line into cash. Just two weeks before machine delivery we called SGEF and asked if they could help. Against all odds, SGEF managed to get it done just in time before the delivery date. Of course, the customer was also surprised and very satisfied. He told our TRUMPF sales engineer that he had never expected such prompt response by a foreign bank’s leasing company.

In the Chinese machine tools industry, we can see our peers’ sales finance solutions on the market. Most of them have two or more sales finance partners; on the other hand, the leasing companies or banks could possibly also finance competitors’ products. The cooperation of SGEF and TRUMPF in China is an exclusive partnership. When our customers request for finance we will recommend SGEF and SGEF won’t finance machines made by TRUMPF’s competitors.

The cooperation benefits all three parties - our customers, our company, and SGEF themselves - in various ways. First we keep better control of our own information and that of our customers; secondly, SGEF tailors their financing offers to different customers’ needs so that most of them can be financed; and finally, TRUMPF knows both the market and the products very well, being able to support SGEF managing the assets.

Anne-Mart Agerbeek


“Pleasant communication, quick response, good lease conditions and a perfect alternative to a regular bank”

Bierens Machinefabrieken B.V. invested in a new CNC turning centre which is used to fabricate gear pinions. 

Bierens, founded in 1880, is one of the market leaders in gears, gearboxes, mechanical drives, special machines and overhaul work. Their customers are companies in various industries of which the maritime, road, industry and transport sector. 

Some recent developments within the Bierens Group: - Bierens is building a new machine factory on their current location. It is expected that the new factory will be realized around May / June 2015. Bierens can continue the production during construction time, since the current production hall will remain in use until June 2015. - Bierens and Aubert Engrenagens LTDA started a joint venture for producing gears, gearboxes and mechanical drives for the Brazilian market.